Process Engineer

Required for an oil and gas company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Process engineer

Job Description :- Minimum 14 years or more experience into Air Separation Unit or Plant (ASU)
*Operation excellence of ASU plant 500 TPD of GOX & 1150 TPD of GAN ,BWRO plant cap: 20 MGD ,DM plant 11 MGD, Compressed air operations, Cooling towers.
*Daily monitoring and Troubleshooting of ASU, Steam and Power utility of petrochemical complex.
*Operation & Maintenance for Air Separation Plant
*Operation of separation system, dehydration system- air and process gas dryers, handling process pumps and process gas compressors, gas metering, chemical tests and analysis

*Only Oil & Gas, Petrochemical industry experience candidates,
*Salary is negotiable, depend upon the experience.
*All the candidates must have related bachelor’s engineering degree with Saudi cultural Attested

Submit your CV to :

[email protected]

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